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Maisa Doris is the communication and media director for the Innovation Brazil Leaders Forum being responsible for press and media relations.
In Sao Jose dos Campos, Maisa Doris have had an opportunity to be in charge of the Marketing Department in Globo Broadcast by its affiliate Vanguarda Broadcast, where she could develop new strategies to grow and improve the company perfomance business with recognised success.
Her international experience was acquired in the United States and Australia, as well as work with large multinationals.

Maisa is the founder of BizzUP Consulting, a positioning and branding firm that help publishing houses, schools and other companies grow their businesses by using Strategic Communication. Her clients includes Women´s Impact Foundation – USA, Education Department of Brazil´s Government, the largest and worldwide publishing houses just as Peason and Penguin, in Brazil among others. Before devoting her fulltime to BizzUP, Doris was a Marketing and Communication Manager at Pearson and some others big names publishing houses in Brazil. Doris has performed her knowledge in marketing strategies for several books and authors in Brazil and also co-created many contents projects for schools and universities in Brazil. Doris is also involved with of Communication in Prevention and Management Crisis at CERS (Brazil´s largest online courses platform) where she provides online classes as well. As a Communication consultant, Doris creates an exclusive methodology to share easily with many audiences how we can be even better succeed in our personal and professional lives by lead and plan communication.

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